SIM Cloning Techniques

             What is SIM cloning and how to make a duplicate SIM?

What is SIM cloning

SIM cloning is the technique of cloning original SIM card to generate duplicate or carbon copy SIM card without any extra knowledge of mobile subscriber. When the process of cloning SIM finished, all the personal information of original SIM card is transferred to duplicate SIM card. In this condition, the secondary SIM card is used in the different phones while, all the calls and charges attributed to prime SIM card. This phase of process is defined as “how to do SIM cloning”.

There are two types of networks in our cell phones such as CDMA and GSM. CDMA network provides high quality of call and other extra technical features that separates both networks. In the CDMA phones, the cloning process is done with changing Electronic Serial Number (ESN) by the help of particular software. The ESN number is transmitted to Telecom Company to authenticate any phone onto particular network. In the GSM system, cell phone contains International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). If there is any fraudster want to clone any original SIM to create duplicate SIM card then, he need IMEI number. Every SIM card is not closeable. There are 2 types of SIM cards: – one is COMP 128 v1 and second is COMP 128 v2. COMP 128 v1 is most famous and clonable version of SIM card. COMP 128 v2 is used in new SIM that supports 3G, Video calling, firmware and complicated design.

Remote SIM cloning

Remote SIM cloning

It is very complex and hard process to retrieve information from any SIM remotely. This technique is used by the experienced hackers and it requires expensive tools. The SIM is totally encrypted by encryption keys and these keys can be cracked by the help of OTA or Over the Air commands. This command is sent to Java Runtime engine of SIM card. The OTA commands are secured messages that are delivered to the SIM. To deliver DES OTA Key, hackers can start this technique by sending binary SMS to target device. It reacts to the aggressor with blunder code which conveying cryptographic-signature. The cracked DES enables attacker to send the binary SMS and it can download Java Applets to the SIM card. These Java Applets allow changing voicemail numbers, sending SMS and accessing location of phone.

GSM SIM Cloning

GSM SIM Cloning

GSM Mobile cloning is accessed by the cloning SIM card. It contained or implied in it. GSM cell phones don’t contain MIN or ESN number. They contain only International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. There are many methods and processes to get MIN and IMEI number. Hackers can copy GSM SIM card by placing the device between handset and SIM card. Allow it to operate for few days & extracting secret code or KI. In the handset with the extended battery option, this process is applied.

Device of SIM Cloning

There is many software or tools available in the market to create duplicate SIM card and cloning the SIM. You can get all the personal information of any SIM without permission of mobile subscriber or customer.

Mobile edit tool

This is really great tool. This tool helps to locate the existence investigated without PIN number by cloning original SIM. With this tool, you will be able to create new SIM cards with ICCID. With the help of mobile edit tool, you can connect multiple SIM card readers.

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