How to Remove Password from PDF files

How To Remove Password From Pdf File Using Adobe Reader

How To Remove Password From Pdf File Using Adobe Reader

There are many ways to remove password from PDF file:-

  • Use ‘PDF-Restrictions Remover’ that allows you to remove the password and other restrictions in some seconds.
  • If you remember the password of ‘Acrobat X’ then, go to the ‘tools pane’ and open the protection panel, there is an option under encrypt or choice to remove. Select it and follow all the instructions. For old version, the option is found under ‘Advanced->security’.
  • You can delete these types of protection or security by using “PDF Unlocker”.
  • Just open the PDF file and observe the security that is located at the top-left side if document is secured. You can click the icon to see what is restricted and attempt to copy it. If you are not able to copy any text then, document has been restricted.
  • Open the PDF file & click on secure button. This button is situated in the tasks toolbar. Select ‘remove security’ option if you want to unsecure the PDF file. After it, change the setting of encryption.

How to Remove Password from PDF Files using Google Chrome?

How to Remove Password from PDF Files using Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser has built in PDF reader functionality as well as PDF writer. Any user can combine these 2 features to remove password from PDF document.

  • For this, stretch password protected PDF document into Google Chrome.
  • Now, Chrome prompts you to submit the password of file. Just insert your password on the section and enter to open the file.
  • Just go to the file menu option and select the print, choose the destination printer in the way as “save as PDF” and click on save button.

By this process, Google Chrome saves the PDF file on your computer without and password protection. If you want to reopen this file again in the Chrome then, it doesn’t need any password to open it.

How to remove Password from PDF File Manually?

How To Remove Password From Pdf File Manually

Just use “PDF remover” or “PDF Password Security” software. It is fully featured functional product with the features needed for testing available.

Example: – You can use ‘try’ button to watch the software.

  • Click on the ‘Open PDF’ option and locate the file which you want to delete the password. After it, click on the open button. Enter or give a name to new PDF file or document.
  • After it, it will display list of the password status removal and it says ‘succeed’. Right click on entry to watch the document file.

PDF-Password Security software steps

  • Select the batch PDF document security option and push on the next button.
  • Click on the add button to the PDF file will be encrypted.
  • Delete PDF file by clicking on ‘try password’ option.
  • Push the next button to set the ‘security level’ and checkbox values to ‘none’.

How to remove Password from PDF File if I know the Password?

  • Check the security on the PDF file.
  • Select the ‘advanced->document processing->batch processing’.
  • Click on the sequence which you want to execute and after it, click on ‘RUN Sequence’ button and click ‘OK’.
  • Enter the password and click on button ‘OK’.
  • At last, you have to locate the files at particular places and these files will be processed.

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