How to increase internet speed using cmd

Speed up Internet in android mobiles

You can increase the speed of internet connection by using CMD track. It will surely increase the connection to improved performance.internet speed up in command prompt

  • Start the CMD by finding it in the start menu and right click on it.
  • Proceed it as administrator. Now, your command prompt window opens, type: ‘C: /’ and press enter button.
  • Now type few command: – netsh interface tcp set global auto tuning = disabled and press ‘enter’ button.
  • Shut down the command prompt window and reboot your PC.
  • At the end, you will find that internet speed has increased.

How to Hack Internet Speed on Android?

If you are using internet at areas , where internet network is poor there are unusual probability that your internet speed can be boost but can be renovated for good performance so that, you will be able to obtain fast browsing service.Speed up Internet in android mobiles

The internet speed master is the configuration application for Android that works very accurately and increases the speed of internet. It performs better on device that allows user access.

How to boost the internet speed on Android device manually?

  • Make certain to use internet at better network areas.
  • Reset the phone memory.
  • Delete the web cache and previous history.
  • Don’t use multiple applications at the time of browsing internet.
  • Don’t freight mobile with various applications.
  • Use the UC browser for browsing internet.

Sometimes, some applications start to update automatically due to ‘Auto Update’ setting and it may cause of slow internet. It is good to set them on ‘do not update automatically’.

How to Hack Internet Speed in Windows 8?

  • Open start menu.
  • Type ‘Run’ in the search bar.
  • Click on Run: – After the inflowing in the start search bar.
  • Little window will open, inquire you to write in the name of a program.
  • Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and click on ‘OK’. It will open a new window tagged local cluster policy editor.
  • Clear the DNS cache which is the set of information that hoard when you surf the web.
  • Open the CMD and type IPconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and press enter.
  • DNS Cache will be clear.
  • Shut or close the command prompt.
  • Immobilize unwanted services because these effect on the speed of internet.

How to Hack Internet Speed using Kali linux?

You can hack the internet speed by using various techniques. If you want to change the DNS in windows OS then follow the phrases:-

  • Open ‘control panel->network & internet’ and select network & sharing center.
  • Select ‘change adapter’ settings from left of the window.
  • Right click on the network link and select properties.
  • Make certain you have selected networking.
  • Highlight the TCP/IPv4 – > click on properties.
  • Select option and enter the DNS server: Prefered DNS server and alternate DNS server:
  • Click on ‘OK’ and once more click on OK, reboot your system.

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