How to hack YouTube Video

How To Hack YouTube Private Videos

How To Hack YouTube Private Videos


YouTube is the most popular videos site in all over the world. There are 35 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube. Some videos are private and only uploader or some users can view them which are selected by the uploader. Some videos are age restricted so to view them, you have to “Sign in” from Google account.

You can also hack the private videos by applying following steps:-

  • Trick 1:- You can watch the YouTube videos as “thumbnail” images before loading them. It helps to verify that whether the video is “you are looking for” or not. Users, who have slow internet connection or data plans, can apply this trick.
  • Find the video ID in the following URL and it looks like: – FkTsuqPqsGe. You can use this ID in the URLs in order to get three frames still:- id/1.jpge,

Imge2- id/2.jpge,

Imge3- id/3.jpge,

Just copy these URLs and replace with the video ID.

  • Trick-2:- You can also view the full video without need of “sign in” to your account. But it doesn’t work for private videos.

Example: –

Remove “watch” from the URL,

Replace = with /,

Like it, & enter.

How to Hack YouTube Views and Likes?

How To Hack Youtube Views And Likes

With the help of some software or websites, you can hack YouTube likes and views. These software are: – you tube Adder pro, You Tube superbot and similarly web sites.

  • How to use ‘Generator’:- Download and install the setup file.
  • Open the “hack” and ensure that there are no chances to block by firewall or antivirus.
  • Copy the whole URL of video and paste it.
  • Choose the mega options ‘views, subscriber, like & dislike’.
  • At the end, press the “generator” button.

How to Hack Inactive YouTube Channels?

How To Hack Inactive Youtube Channels

By using “key logger” or generate “key logger” or “rat”, you can easily inactive YouTube channel. For this, you have to ensure that you have clicked on right video URL. YouTube changes its updates, algorithms and video features constantly. After complete remoal of inactive channels and subscriptions, content creators are seeing a drop in channel subscriptions. With saving YouTube campaign, complaints gone “viral” and fix YouTube campaign.

How to Hack YouTube Video Download?

YouTube never expose the demanded features on its own website such as automatic enabling HD (High Definition) mode, downloading and playing videos on repeat. To download videos from YouTube, you need a third party website. Change URL to “you” when you are watching video that is the part of URL in the address bar. Video will open with download link.

  • With the help of “You tube file hack”, you may able to save video to your hard disk. It offers 2 options:- first is ‘available to all videos’ and other is ‘not available to all you tube video’. You can save video file according to file format.

It is integrated with the web browser to authorize download. There are many browser are available that are compatible with ‘YouTube hack file’. It provides menus and options that are readable in nature.

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