How to hack SMTP Email Server?

How to hack SMTP username and password?

How to hack SMTP username and password

SMTP (Simple mail Transfer Protocol) is the email communication that was designed for functionality not security. It is the part of TCP/IP protocol that utilizes a procedure called as ‘store and forward’. SMTP moves your email across the networks. It offers a bunch of code that defines the c communication between mail servers. It is the part of shorthands that allows a server to break up into different parts of a message into the various categories that other servers can understand.

  • The attackers or hackers can verify that whether email account exists on a server is simply to Telnet to the server on port 25 and also run the VRFY command. This command check the server that if there is a user id exists or not. The spammers automate this process to execute a directory harvest attack which offers the way to obtaining email ID from a server for hackers to utilize.
  • This attack’s scripting can test thousands of email address combinations. The command EXPN allow to the attackers to verify that what mailing lists present on a server.
  • You can easily and simply Telnet to your mail server on the port 25 and try EXPN on your system.
  • You can enter the values for the SMTP mail server name in the ‘Net Scan Tools’, sending out the domain name. In the text message settings, enter the recipient email address and the email address of sender.
  • At the end, when the test is complete, click on the ‘view relay test results’.

Hack Email Server with Telnet

Hack Email Server with Telnet

A MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) is the computer program that is used to send or receive electronic mail messages from one computer to another computer system.

  • In the starting, you have to decide your target or goal.
  • Open the cmd and enter the command ‘nslook up’ and press enter.
  • Locate the address of mail exchange in the output. Close this command and open ‘new’ and offer the command to enter in the email exchange server.
  • If it connects that shows that you are in the mail exchange server and you have to being or start communication with the server by SMTP Commands.
  • Type the command to communicate with the server.
  • Helo- name of the website,
  • ‘Mail-From’- ‘email address’ of ‘sender’,
  • Recpt To: emaill address of the receiver,
  • Data
  • Quit or Exit.
  • That’s it. You have sent a fake male by using their own server.

How to Hack Email Exchange Server?

The email exchange server is the software that has the features of email server, mail client and other group ware utilities. This software is used with the combination of MS Outlook. This exchange server enable user to securely access the email messages, voice mails, instant messaging, text messages web browsers or mobile devices.

  • The smartphone connects with the exchange server by a secured SSL certificate. Same conversation is possible in the case when those certificated are spoofed.
  • When some devices connect to the network and fetch email from exchange servers then, it will access the cheated or spoofed server and hacker captures each and everything.

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