How to hack Hike Account?

How to hack hike messenger account

How To Hack Hike Conversation

To hack the Hike account or conversation, export whole conversations by using Hike ID. The Hike spy software is easy and simple to install and run on the computer system or MAC. This software gets the Hike database by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. Bu the Hike spy software, you can easily chat with anyone of any group.

  • For using it, you have to download and install this software and then, install Hike Spy tool software to your system.
  • Just clear the entire temp files for a fresh or new start of software.
  • After this process, execute your software on the system and place the victim’s phone number to get ‘log in’ through this software. You will be able to know all the information which you want to know about your victim.
  • By using this software, you can change everything like changing the profile or wall of the victim.
  • One thing you should always remember that, never remove of delete the victim’s account. If you will do this then you will come under the spam guy and you will be disabled from Hike Spy Software.

How to hack Hike free SMS?

By using Hike application, any user can send messages to everyone to those people also who doesn’t have Hike on their phone. You can send SMS to every contact on your mobile phone and the best part of this app is that every SMS are received from your number. There is no need to your entire name with SMS. By this app, you can also save your SMS recharge amount.

  • By using Hike messenger, you are able to send unlimited message to the Hike user but there is the limitations to send messages to non-hike users. The limit is 100 messages per month. You can get extra messages by inviting your friends on hike. If you send any SMS with your Hike account then, receiver will get the message from your number because the SMS sites send the messages with their own number, but in hike, you can send messages with your own number free of cost. For this, you need internet connections. You can send messages vie 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi or LAN connections.

How to hack Hike Rewards?

How To Hack Hike Rewards

Hike is the new messenger app by which you send free messages to your friends and family members. You can send messages only those people who have Hike on their device but also who doesn’t have this app. You don’t need smartphone to get or earn Hike rewards.

  • For this, you have to download and install an emulator such as BLUSTACKS, YOUWAVE, or any other in the computer system.
  • After downloading, open the ‘online contents’ and install .apk file of Hike.
  • Send an invitation to non-registered number vie your Hike account from your device.
  • Now, run the application in the ‘emulator’ and register the number in Hike.
  • This number will get a SMS that displays 4 digits pin code. Enter this pin code in the emulator and register. Now, the Smartphone account will get a reward amount with 20 INR.
  • At last, to register another contact number, just uninstall the emulator from your device or system and reinstall it again.

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