How To Hack Bsnl Broadband Wifi Password

Hackers can hack BSNL Wi-Fi network key by the online tools of Set of software


  • Start the Angry IP Scanner and go to the options-> ports and type 80 in the first port textbox and click on ‘OK’ button. Go to the option in the display section and select ‘only open ports’, click on ok and save it.
  • Put the ‘IP scan range’ on the screen as like 58.*.0.0-56.*.266.266 and click on the ‘start’ button and the list that follow next are the victims.
  • Now choose the IP address and open the web browser and type*.*.*.*.*.
  • Username and Password: – Admin is set to by default while manufacturing ‘ADSL modem’ devices. In the next page, you will find user name and password of the user. Right click on the page & click on ‘view-source’. In the source code, find the ‘Input type=’password’ and the value field will have the password.

How to Hack BSNL Wi-Fi Modem Password?


  • Firstly, connect your broadband and got to ‘’ to know the IP address.
  • You require part scanner software. After installation of it, type IP range & set port range from 80-81.
  • Click on scan button.
  • After scanning process, you have to see for the live IP address with port 80 opened.
  • If you have found IP address on part 8o then, you have to open IP address from IE.
  • If everything is ok then, it will ask you for user ID and password and out of 10 ADSL router, 6 have the default password.

How to Hack BSNL Wi-Fi Password in Android?

To hack BSNL Wi-Fi password in any android device then, you need ‘Android Wi-Fi Hack’ application.

  • By using ‘Android Wi-Fi Hack’ application, you can access any Wifi password that uses WEP/WPA. It uses latest chipper method and redesigned crack version for Android to get WEP, WPA, or WPA A2 wireless passwords.
  • This application contains powerful encryption software in the network detection and ideal for hacking Wi-Fi networks.

How to Hack BSNL Broadband to get High Speed?

By changing the default BSNL DNS server to fast DNS server, increases the BSNL broadband connection speed. BSNL has a lot of users and they use same DNS server so during the peak time, the DNS reacts very slowly.

  • You can change the BSNL DNS server with accurate number forms.
  • You can increase the speed of connection by using adblock plus, unwanted as material on web pages so that your page will load faster. The adblock plus is the Firefox plugin or extension that blocks all the flash content on the page.
  • By using TCP optimizer software, you can optimize your TCP/IP connection setting as well as BSNL network settings.
  • By using ‘Faster Fox’ you can increase the speed of connection. This software can recapitulate unusable bandwidth by the loading and caching links on the web page which you are opening.

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