How to crack Zip files that is Password Protected

How To Crack Zip File Password Using Cmd

How To Crack Zip File Password Using Cmd

Zip is the archive format and it is generally used in the web. Zip is the file that is used as a data container and it stores several files or folders in compressed form. After proper downloading and installing WinRAR, you will be able to open zip file in WinRAR by double click on the icon. If you want to get folder of all files then, right click on the zip file and select “Extract Here” option and click on it.

Crack password of Zip file by following these steps:

  • Download & Install Rar-Crack file or fcrack.
  • After it, open terminal-operator/emulator.
  • Write command on command prompt: – cd downloads / then,
  • Command: tar – zxvf <package name>,
  • Cmd : cd < new-directory>,
  • Cmd: . / configure,
  • Cmd: make && sudo-make install.
  • To crack archive file write a command: – fcrack-zip –b –c –a –l 5-6 desktop/
  • You have to wait for few seconds or minutes and Archived password has cracked.

There is second way to crack password:

  • Create new folder on the desktop of your system.
  • Download windows batch file on system.
  • Browse the directory on your PC where WinRAR files are installed on your PC. Find file-nameexe or replace the .bat file with .exe extension with the help of bat to exe converter. After this whole process, copy this file into the new folder on the desktop that was created by you at starting of these steps.
  • After copying the file, open batch file and enter and enter the whole path to archive to start the process of cracking.

Way to Decrypt Zip File without any Password

How To Decrypt Zip File Without Password

  • WinZip file and WinRAR both have AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). You can easily decrypt any Zip file without any password by following process:-
  • Brute-force attack is automated software that uses all dictionary words. It runs all the files by matching the file password. It tries a large number of passwords on the Zip file to get correct password among all the passwords. So, just install brute force attack application.
  • Download and install brute force application & set the settings to attack locked Zip file.
  • Use brute force with mask attack. Mask refers to the password features.

Example: – As much as possible length of password, special characters (@, *, &, ^, <, >), letters, first as well as last character of the password etc. You can get help with this attack form if you remember some part of your password.

  • You can also use dictionary attack. It is similar to brute force attack. It takes very less time to execute but it has a chance of letdown. It is the attack that uses predefined word list to crack the Zip file. Due to its failure chances, we suggest you to use brute force attack than dictionary attack.
  • If you have found the password then, you can open the Zip file and also reset the password.

Steps to set Zip file password:

  • Locate the Zip file by using Windows explorer.
  • Right Click on the Zip file, go to “send to” option, click on the “compressed folder”. It will create the compressed folder and it has the same name that file contains.
  • Another file you want to compress, right-click on it & select copy.
  • Right click on the compressed folder and select paste option. You copied file will paste on the Zip or compressed folder.
  • Just right click on the Zip or compressed folder and select explore.
  • Select add a password, enter desired password and confirm password again.

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