Hacking a Computer

how to hack computer

Hacking a Computer with IP Address

Hacking any computer is helpful and it has the ability to pick up. You can do it in a minute implementing ‘Offline NT password & registry editor’. This helpful employments offline that indicates you need to shut down and boot off the processor using floppy disk, CD or any USB mechanism. This implementation has the following attributes:-

  • You don’t need to identify the old password to locate the original one.
  • This implementation can unlock protected user accounts.
  • There is the registry available and registry utilities that vocations beneath UNIX & can be used for further fixations than any password editing.

Most of the Windows OS schemes store the login code words and also other encrypted code words in Security Accounts manager (SAM) file. This file is the fraction of the Windows registry and continues the unreachable as extended as the Operating System is lively. It is required that you boot off system and admittance this SAM file via boost list of options. It implements increases admittance to the file will recognize the password connected with the administrator of many other descriptions. There is another easy technique during that you can rearrange the password of non-superintendent descriptions. Only obligation for this is if that you should contain administrator human rights.

  • Unlock the CMD prompt. Form Net user and press Enter.
  • Now, the computer system will demonstrate you an inventory for user accounts on CPU.
  • Types the net user Demo*& press enter. Scheme will request you to penetrate the new password for account.

Hacking a Computer with IP Address

Having motionless IP address doesn’t augment the possibility of hacked of server. Susceptible arrangement and software may allow hackers to attack your computer. To hack a computer with IP address, you have to follow below procedure:-

  • Verify the computer or website that you want to hack.
  • Discover the IP address of them.
  • Make sure that IP address is online or not.
  • Scrutinize for open ports.
  • Ensure for the respected ports.
  • Brute strength username and code word.

Hackers can learn identified susceptibility on the exact forms of software and using acknowledged openness attackers attack with machines without any aim.

  • Arrange the IP address of the hunt.
  • Download and establish advanced port scanner.
  • Unlock the advanced port scanner and IP address in right feature & click on the scan.
  • It will inventory the whole ports on victim’s computer or router.
  • Release the command prompt & form: telnet [IP ADDRESS] [PORT] after repossess the IP address and the released ports of the victim.
  • You will be requested to the login information from username and password & press enter.
  • No password is used from the username.

Hacking a Computer on same Network

Hacking a Computer on same Network

Using NetBIOS for hacking is the easy process to hack distantly. You can interrelate with the NetBIOS by the help of NBTSTAT authority. To use this authority click on the start -> select RUN and type ‘command’ without any quotes to open MS-DOS command timely.

You may click on the start key -> programs -> select command prompt.

If you are in the command prompt, you can way out by forming the command EXIT or QUIT.

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